At Velouria Cycles, we aim for much more than immediate satisfaction. We seek mechanical perfection and a timeless design that does not fall prey to passing trends. We only use titanium in our bikes production, not just for its durability, but also because it can be recycled over and over again.

Our approach differs from that of the current cycling market, which is mainly controlled by a few large multinational corporations that follow a business model based on planned obsolescence. Most brands change their colours every year and their designs every two or three, seeking to foment a need in their customers to always have the latest manufactured model. This aspect, along with the fact that most current mid- to high-end bicycles are made of carbon fibre—which is not at all recyclable and creates a lot of pollution during its production—creates a spiral of consumption with a massive carbon footprint, which is harmful both for the users and the planet.

At Velouria Cycles, we want our users to enjoy our bikes for a long time. We are committed to ALWAYS having the Far Away, Sober, and Even Flow models in our catalogue, promise that they will ALWAYS be akin to the current models, and that there will ALWAYS be spare parts on our website for keeping any Velouria Cycles bike in perfect condition.

We also want each Velouria Cycles bike to be unique. Each frame has a numbered short-run on both the headbadge and the bottom bracket area. 

Where do we come from?

Velouria Cycles was founded by a team of cycling professionals and enthusiasts with several years of experience. We are from Alicante, Spain, known as the “Mediterranean Mecca of cycling”, due to its mountainous topography and pleasant weather throughout the year. We design the blueprints for all our products in Alicante with 3-D programs. Then, we test the bicycles in the most extreme conditions before putting them on the market.