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For us, developing the model Far Away It has been a great challenge, knowing that a large part of the behavior of a bicycle depends on the geometry, we found ourselves with a big problem: most of the “Gravel” or “Bikepaking” bicycles start from cyclocross or road geometries with steering angles very vertical, very short reach and long stems, after testing many models from other brands we knew that our model Far Away I couldn't follow that path, these geometries make the bikes very nervous, ideal for a sprint at the end of the race but not for long journeys on various routes that can include technical mountain areas. For us, the world of Gravel or Bikepaking is very broad and we needed to equip our Far Away of a more comfortable, stable and fun behavior than the current canons mark. 

Once we knew the behavior we were looking for, we designed the first prototypes with a wide reach, low bottom bracket and a very thrown head angle. To this geometry we added a thought rear triangle to offer maximum absorption and multiple rack threads to be able to carry everything luggage and water that we may need; After the first tests of the prototypes we realized that we had achieved the results we expected: the bikes are very comfortable both loaded for a long trip and on an explosive local route of a few hours, in turn this geometry allows us to enter terrain hitherto unthinkable for this type of bicycle. The goal was achieved Far Away It meets everything we expected from it.

In order to be able to fully enjoy any route or trip regardless of the duration or hardness of the journey, we have equipped our Far Away of numerous technical solutions:

  • The use of butted 3Al 2.5V titanium, together with the design of the rear seatstays, gives the bike very high shock and vibration absorption qualities without having to use rotary axles or insert elastomers, which end up giving problems when loosened. like making unwanted noise and/or just being unreliable over time.
  • A fixing system for touring bags, eliminating straps that could damage the frame, while allowing you to carry more without shifting your weight. In our store we have several models in stock of bags made in Italy by Miss Grape with direct fixing to the frame
  • Four different bottle cage mounts on the frame and the option to mount a rear rack and mudguards.
  • We use a 68mm BSA threaded bottom bracket that is very reliable, noise free and easy to find as a replacement.
  • Possibility of installing thick tires up to 700 x 45c or 650b x 2.00 to drive on any type of terrain (in most brands).
  • Option to use 1X or 2X transmission for greater freedom of choice.
  • Internal cable routing. In addition to giving the bicycle a more attractive and clean aesthetic, it protects the cables and hoses from possible breakage due to friction or snags. 
  • Frame prepared to install an adjustable seat post with internal cable routing.
  • Interchangeable titanium derailleur hanger for added reliability.
  • Five year warranty to the original purchaser.
  • Free shipping to the European Union


All measurements in mm. except angles.

Geometry with 395 mm fork length, 50 rake and 12 mm headset


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