There are many reasons why we, at Velouria Cycles, choose only to manufacture titanium bikes. Its physical properties are proven to be better and it makes it easier to etch on designs, but there are also other, more complicated reasons…

The relationship that Velouria’s staff has with titanium bikes began in the 90s, when mountain biking became an important part of our lives. We could only see titanium bicycles, those high-end models, in important races or in the catalogues and magazines that we used to devour as teenagers.

The elegant design of the grey tubing with thinly welded seams and the lack of any imperfection associated with titanium was always a benchmark in aesthetics for us when it came to bicycle manufacturing.

Over the years, we have always kept up our relationship with titanium bicycles in one way or another. Then, one day, we realised that what we were really looking for was a full-suspension, long-travel titanium bike. The options on the market were scarce and none of the models had quite the features that we sought. That was when the journey of Velouria Cycles began.

We believe titanium has the best physical properties for manufacturing an intensive-use bicycle.

– This metal is highly resistant to fracture and use, and its low density allows us to create light-weight frames that are more durable than those of aluminium or steel.

– Titanium has an impact resistance quotient superior than that of carbon fibre, and it also retains an optimal level of aesthetics and function for a much longer time.

– Thanks to the material’s elasticity, titanium frames cushion vibrations, reducing fatigue during use and lending the rider a more pleasant experience.

– Titanium neither corrodes nor rusts. It does not have to be painted or varnished. This material is best for producing bicycles that will withstand the passage of time.

– Titanium is completely recyclable. It is one of the most respectful materials for the environment.

Built to last