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Velouria Cycles: The new online store for titanium frames that is committed to excellence and sustainability

Welcome to the world of Velouria Cycles! We are a company committed to manufacturing high-quality titanium frames with a timeless design that transcends passing fads.

Our vision goes beyond immediate profit, we seek mechanical perfection and the longevity of our products, actively fighting against planned obsolescence, a serious problem for our planet today.

Our philosophy: sustainability and durability

At Velouria Cycles we believe that every little action counts to take care of the environment and reduce our energy footprint. That's why we focus on producing titanium frames that stand the test of time, with styles that hold up over the years. We do not seek to encourage consumerism or generate in our customers the need to buy a new bicycle frequently.

To achieve this, we use the best titanium available on the market to manufacture our frames. Titanium not only offers high durability, but is also an environmentally friendly material, which allows us to contribute to caring for our planet.

Redesign of the online store

In order to improve the experience of our customers, we have completely redesigned our online store. Our priority was to ensure fluid and pleasant navigation so that users can access the information they need quickly and easily.

Fast charging and adaptability to different devices

Optimizing our online store for fast loading was a crucial aspect of our redesign process. We understand that time is valuable, and we want our visitors to be able to explore our range of products without having to wait for long loading times.

In addition, we recognize that consumer habits have changed, and more and more people access the web through mobile devices. Therefore, we make sure that our online store adapts perfectly to different screen sizes, providing an optimal experience both on desktop computers and on smartphones and tablets.

Discover Velouria Cycles products

We invite you to visit our new online store and discover the excellence of our products. At Velouria Cycles, each product is a masterpiece designed to last over time, offering not only a means of transportation, but a unique experience for those who seek quality, style, and commitment to the environment.

Remember that by choosing Velouria Cycles, you are not only acquiring an exceptional bicycle, but you are also joining our mission of promoting sustainability and contributing to a more conscious and responsible future with the planet.

We are waiting for you on our website to live the experience Velouria Cycles!

Discover our products

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